Chemical reacting equipment
  Carbon steel& low alloy steel reactor
  Stainless steel & other nonferrous metal reactor
chemical towers equipment
¡¡ Carbon steel& low alloy steel reactor
¡¡ Stainless steel & other nonferrous metal reactor
storage facilities
¡¡ Horizontal storage tank
¡¡ Vertical storage tank
heat-exchange equipment
  Non-ferrous metal heat exchanger
  Volumetric gas-water heat exchanger
  High-performance stainless steel corrugated tube heat exchangers
  Stainless steel condenser
  Double tube plate of condenser
  Floating head heat exchanger 
  Stainless steel heat exchanger
  U type heat exchanger
  Liquid heat exchanger
  Large reactor
  Overlapping type heat exchanger
  Sulfur condenser
  Finned tube heat exchanger tube and tube plate
¡¡ Volume type heat exchanger
¡¡ The outer tube type container
Silencer, separation equipment
Water treatment equipment
High temperature sterilization equipment
Equipment of fermentation process
pressure conduit element

¡¡¡¡Jiangyin AoshiTe Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd is located in No12-3,LiGang huaxin Road,Harbor New Town,Jiangying, which is 10km from HuNing Expressway and Riverside Expressway exit. The north side of it is the riverside promenade and Changjiang Waterway. It only takes 30 minutes¡¯ drive from Changzhou airport or Nanjing airport to company.
        Our company is the appointed manufacturer for producing national standard ¢ñ, ¢ò pressure vessel component and pressure conduct pipeline unit equipment, company has a 25 years¡¯ experiences of manufacturing, managing and controlling. Our company specializes in designing and producing separation vessel and heat exchanger which made of carbon steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel and other nonferrous metal, our products also include all kinds of columns, water cooler, stirred reactor and stirred kettles. We could also supply welded pipeline components and weldments to antiseptic pipeline manufacturer. Our products follow GB150 and ASME standard systems strictly. Besides these standards, according to user¡¯s blueprint and sample, we could design and produce all kinds of nonstandard¢ñand¢òvessels for users. Our products have a broad application in mining, petroleum chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile, construction, boiler and hotel. We keep long time of cooperation with France Carbone Lorraine Co., Ltd (ShangHai Branch), Taiwan Chi Wei Corporation, Taiwan ChangChun Group Corporation, Japan Ono Sokki Co., Ltd and other international famous companies. With superior quality products and loyal services, we win a broad praise of our users.
        With advanced equipments and complete measuring methods, we have strict quality management systems and complete rules and regulations. Up to now, we have established improving basic management and implemented effective commitment mechanism. From the time of founding, we have made advanced technology as guideline and quality as rules. With well designing and manufacturing, we provide high quality products and satisfied service to clients at home and abroad. Welcome to our company, we will provide our clients the best service with top level product, top level technology, top level quality and top level reputation.

Address: Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, No12-3,LiGang huaxin Road,Harbor New Town ¡¡Post: 214444¡¡ TEL:0510-86092157 ¡¡ FAX: 0510-86092397¡¡ http: //www.astsb.com